Tom Peric'
Ever dreamt about what it's like to be on television as a journalist asks you about your business... or have you ever thought about how it feels to appear in your local newspaper—with your photo—in a story that trumpets your expertise, product or service... or the pride and potential for building buzz about your business when the producer of a major talk radio show calls you up and asks you to be a guest, via telephone, on his national radio show... or the recognition you gain when a nationally recognized business magazine interviews you in a feature article?

Priceless insight from a public relations master. If you want to get the word out about something, this is the place to start.

Bob Rosner, Author of the best-selling, "The Boss's Survival Guide," and internationally syndicated Working Wounded columnist

Dear Friend, ALL of these media events, or "hits" as I like to call them, happened to my clients and in the process added to the MILLIONS of dollars in Free Publicity I gained...

...for someone just like you. My book gives the inside scoop on how publicity works, no matter what you do, who you work for or what product, service or event you want to publicize. I've packed WACKY DAYS with 250-pages of insider tips on how to get the media to your door (or on the phone) even if you've never been in a newsroom and don't have a clue about how the media works.

Wacky Days is a complete, hands-on, manual on how to get free publicity for yourself, your business or your organization. It's designed to answer all your questions about how the media works, who makes decisions about what appears in print or on television and radio. If you've ever felt that just a little publicity could launch your career, add public sizzle to your service or exposure to your product, then Wacky Days provides the answers.

As a journalist, I got tired of answering the same questions about how I worked, how I made decisions about news stories, what made a good story and how someone—YOU—could actually get me to write about YOU. I never thought the rules were that difficult, but then I've always been surprised at the public's lack of knowledge about how the media gets those news stories and then broadcasts them over the airwaves or fills pages of newspapers and magazines. I was a journalist for more than two decades and when I moved into the publicity area, I was stunned to see how few good books one could find about publicity. The techniques I read about often seemed unrealistic or impractical. I wanted a book that explained in clear, easy-to-understand English, how ANYONE could get their story in the media if they followed some basic rules. I also knew that no one can be bright and perky everyday when it comes to self-generating ideas to pitch to the media. I wanted a book that was deep enough so that anyone could flip through the chapters and say, "Hey, I like that idea. I can do that, too." The result is a 250+ page manual that will kick life into your publicity goals and get you moving towards seeing your business or your not-for-profit smack into the media limelight.

  • Compact, Portable, & Easy To Read - Wacky Days chapters are mostly short, information-packed and the book is compact so that you can take it anywhere. Leave it hiding in your drawer and use the tips during an idea session for publicity. Your co-workers will be amazed at the freshness of your ideas.
  • Examples Of How To Bait The Media - I share real-life examples of press releases, media alerts and Public Service Announcements. Don't wonder how to do it; I show you how.
  • The Money Quote - This is the most important sentence you'll utter in an interview. Learn what it is, how to create one and when to deliver it during an interview. Most people, including many PR people who don't have a clue.
Some books are classic, some are contemporary—occasionally someone writes a book that bridges both. Tom Peric' is just such an author. Wacky Days is packed with insider information in concise compartments you'll put to immediate use and pass along to your next in command.

Arthur St. Onge, Internationally-known supply chain expert and president, St. Onge Co.

  • Learn The Difference Between News & Stuff - If you've got News, I show you how to pitch it. If you've got "stuff," things that are commonplace, I show you how to twist the slant and make it news. It's all about creating an irresistible hook that journalists can't resist.
  • Become A Recognized Expert - The media wants to interview you because you're an expert (Yes you are, even if you don't know it yet.) Learn my simple 30-minute rule for being an expert and come to terms with the psychological barrier you MUST overcome if you're going to ACT like an expert.
  • A Journalist Calls—What Next? - Don't blow it here. You finally get the phone call you've been waiting for. I show you the first question out of your mouth even before the interview begins. It proves that you're a pro and it will tip you off about the timing of the story.
Tom has a no-nonsense, 'get the job done' attitude when it comes to publicity. A first-class journalist, he writes with the knowledge of an insider while dispensing advice with clarity, thoroughness and wit. If you want publicity, buy this book.

Jeff Forker, vice president, Internet strategy group director, Penton Media Inc.

  • Secrets of Radio - Got a product or service to sell? But no one listens? Learn how to connect with dozens of radio talks shows throughout the country that are waiting to book guests. Your only tool is a telephone so that radio hosts can call you for an interview from all 50 states, while you relax in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Got A Regular Event You Want Publicized? - Discover how easy it is to get a free listing in publications and on the Internet without paying a dime. Do this technique once and it can work for weeks, months, even years.
  • The 10 Commandments of Publicity - The Top 10 List That Virtually Assures You of Free Publicity. I walk you through it.

It's either you in the media or your competitor. It's as simple as that. You've got to make the decision that it takes THREE things to get free publicity: You MUST KNOW how the media works. You MUST KNOW the tactics you or ANYONE can use—IMMEDIATELY—to draw the media to your doorstop or over the phone for an interview. You MUST IMPLEMENT those tactics NOW. Follow my steps and you'll discover how the pros really get those guests on television, radio talk shows, and interviews in magazines and newspapers. It's not magic, though some clients accuse me of being a witch doctor. It is a matter of knowing how the media and how you can deliver news to journalists who are ALWAYS looking for that irresistible story. Here's a secret.. The media has an insatiable need for news and my book shows you that no matter what your do what product or service you sell, it's possible to generate NEWS COVERAGE ABOUT YOU. The best part of all is that once the media anoints you as an "EXPERT" you'll find that they'll start calling and cultivate you as a contact.

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After reading this book, it was like I'd gotten 20 years of knowledge with a two-hour brain transfusion.

Adams Hudson, president, Hudson Ink.

Here is my absolute first piece of Christmas time advice. Beg, borrow or steal a copy of Tom Peric's book Wacky Days - how to get millions of dollars in free publicity for nothing. This book will open your eyes to the zillions of dollar worth of goodwill available just by providing the media with what they want and need.

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My dad wrote a really good book. Buy it.

Andrew Peric', author's son

Wacky Days will:

Remove the mystery of how the media works.

Explain what is news, what is stuff and why you can get media attention whether you fit the news or stuff category.

Reveal tips on how to become a recognized expert.

Describe the easy steps to follow to become a recognized speaker in your field.

Raise your reputation and visibility by writing articles for your peers and your customers.

Teach you how to cultivate journalists so that you become a steady source of story ideas.

Begin using the most effective publicity techniques imaginable. And it costs pennies.

Order WACKY DAYS today and you get a 250+ page manual that will provide a lifetime guide on how to get free publicity. The techniques described in Wacky Days really worked. They've worked for me on a daily basis and because I follow my own advice, my clients have gotten MILLIONS of dollars in free publicity without ever paying for it. You can, too.

BUY WACKY DAYS TODAY AND BEGIN THE TACTICS THAT VIRTUALLY CREATE INSTANT PUBLICITY. If you don't buy today and your competitor does, enjoy reading about his or her business in the newspaper instead of yours.

A complete course on publicity at a seminar can cost you upwards to $1,000.00. Publicity experts' rates begin at $150.00 an hour and can be as high as $500.00. Now you've got that same expertise at your fingertips for only $19.95. For less than 20 bucks, you get the expert advice of a publicity master.

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Wacky Days Official Application) Get an official application on how to create your own free holiday with the publication that is the BIBLE on announcing holidays. Filing the applications is FREE.

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The poet Henley said: "Thought not committed to action is like a ship without a rudder. A waif, a nothing a no man. Don't be a no man or a no woman. For only $19.95, less than a meal at a decent restaurant, and you'll know more about free publicity than many so-called publicity experts. Order Now!

Best of Success,

Tom Peric'

P.S. If you're still unconvinced that a modest $19.95 can make a REAL difference toward getting free publicity, then you're probably not really committed to getting tons of free media exposure. If you don't believe that publicity could have an impact on your business image, then maybe media coverage isn't what you want. But if you really need the publicity, then for an incredibly modest $19.95, my book, WACKY DAY will show you dozens of ways that I got millions of dollars worth of free publicity for my clients.

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